Ductless HVAC System Deep Cleaning

Make sure your ductless HVAC system is mold-free and pumping out clean, healthy air…



We want to make sure your system is clean and pumping out comfortable, healthy air in your home. Over time, ductless HVAC systems build up dirt, bacteria, dust, allergens and other pollutants deep inside, where you can’t reach. 

Broadley’s is proud to announce a new cleaning service for Ductless HVAC systems, using a safe chemical deep cleaning technology to remove all containments from your indoor heat pump, including the coil and blower motor.

Even with regular filter cleaning and annual maintenance, a deep cleaning is recommended every 2 – 3 years.

Schedule A Ductless Deep Cleaning

Removes Dirt, Dust, Mold

The system needs a thorough cleaning every now and then to remove dirt, dust, mold and bacteria from the system. Even if you clean the filters regularly, as you should, contaminants can still build up in the coil, the blower motor and other hard to reach parts of the ductless system. 

Improves System Health

Keeping your ductless system healthy and clean will improve its lifespan, and keep it in tip-top shape. The longer you go without a deep cleaning, the more likely you are to run into problems down the road. Dirt and grime will cause your unit to work harder, thus reducing the system efficiency.

Cleaner, Healthier Air

These systems pump the air you breathe into your home or business. If you have dirt, mold or other contaminants in them, the air is going to carry it throughout the space. This deep cleaning will improve your indoor air quality, to make sure the air from your system is clean and healthy.

How Much Does A Ductless Deep Cleaning Cost?

Non-Service Plan Customers:
$330 for One Indoor and One Outdoor Unit 

$165 per each additional indoor Head


Service Plan Customers:
$280 for One Indoor and One Outdoor Unit

$140 per each additional indoor Head

how does the deep cleaning process work?

Before deep cleaning your ductless HVAC system, the technician turns on the unit to check the air velocity and make sure it’s operating properly. Then, they attached a mini-split bib kit to the unit to catch water and debris that will be generated by the cleaning process.

The technician will remove the cover to access the inside of the unit. Then they will spray on safe coil chemical cleaners onto the unit and use a pressure washer wand to push water through the components of the system.

Typically, they start by cleaning the fins and the back of the chassis, followed by the back of the unit, the top drain, and the coil. To ensure the entire barrel fan gets clean, they spin the fan while cleaning this part, and then, they complete the process by cleaning any other interior parts and flushing out the debris from the coil to the main drain. They will also clean the cover that was removed, and then put the unit back together to check the air velocity and operation again. 

After repeating the process on all the indoor units, the technician cleans the outdoor condenser unit as well.

When Was Your Last

Ductless Deep Cleaning?

We recommend having a ductless deep cleaning for your system once at least every 2 – 3 years. You should be cleaning your filters regularly, but even with that you still need a deep cleaning every so often to get rid of mold, dirt, dust and mildew buildup.