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Broadley’s is the top rated air conditioning service pros in the South Jersey.

Air Conditioner Repairs in Marmora, Ocean City, NJ and other Jersey Shore Points

Whether you’re in a shore house, rental property, or the home you live in all year, Broadley’s will keep you cool all summer long.

For more than 70 years, we’ve provided air conditioner repairs and installations to Ocean City, Avalon, Marmora, Upper Township, Stone Harbor and other Jersey Shore locations.
Our licensed, certified professionals are ready to handle :

  • Air conditioner repairs
  • Evening hours and emergency service
  • Tune-ups and regular maintenance
  • Full-system installations

Air conditioner installations and repairs are serious business on the Jersey shore. People who flock to the barrier islands and other shore points for the summer want to be comfortable for their entire stay. That means keeping second homes and rental properties in great shape.

The beach isn’t the best place for air conditioners.

Sand can clog the systems, and salt water is corrosive. As a result, units near the ocean break down much sooner than those further inland.

That’s why you need a reliable, trustworthy company to care for your air conditioner.

Broadley’s works directly with homeowners, property owners and rental companies to keep their homes cool all summer. Many even trust us with their keys so we can open their home before they even get here.
Broadley’s works with top brands including Bryant, Mitsubishi, Carrier and Trane.



Air Conditioner Repairs in Mamora, Ocean City and other Jersey Shore points

Did any of these happen when you first turned on your air conditioner around Memorial Day?

  • Air conditioner won’t turn on
  • The air conditioning has a weird smell
  • Air conditioner blows hot air instead of cold
  • The fan on the outside unit isn’t working

Or, how about these common problems throughout the season on the Jersey shore?

  • Air conditioner makes unusual noises
  • Energy bills suddenly rise for no reason
  • Poor air flow in certain parts of the house
  • Short-cycling or turning on and off

    If so, call Broadley’s today! We understand how important it is to have your cooling up and running right away.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service on the Jersey Shore

We know that HVAC problems don’t just happen during normal business hours. That’s why Broadley’s offers emergency air conditioner repair service in Ocean City, Upper Township, Marmora, Avalon, Stone Harbor, and other Jersey shore points.

Call us day or night, and we’ll get the process started right away to make your home or rental property cool and comfortable again.

Air conditioner Tune-Up Specials in Avalon, Ocean City and Jersey Shore points

Getting your air conditioner tuned up gets it ready for a long summer on the Jersey Shore. With Broadley’s air conditioner tune-up special you can:

  • Save up to 20 percent on your energy bills
  • Improve the air quality in your home
  • Extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Plus, you can save even more money and enjoy peace of mind for years to come when you sign up for our annual Residential Service Plan.

Full system installations

Broadley’s offers free in-home consultation, low or zero-interest financing and a 10 to 20-year warranties on full installation for:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • High-velocity systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air Conditioning
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