There’s no good time for a drain line clog to make all your toilets back up. However, having it happen hours before your family comes over for a holiday dinner is pretty bad. That’s when the right emergency plumber makes all the difference. 

Fortunately, our Ocean City, NJ had a “superhero” – her words, not ours – from Broadley’s swoop in to save the day!

Problem: None of the toilets in an Ocean City, NJ home were working a few hours before our homeowner’s family came over for Easter Sunday dinner. 

Solution: Our service technician quickly found the root of the problem and cleared the blockage before guests arrived. 

The problem started on Holy Thursday. Our technician, Elliott, first came out to repair a leaky toilet.

Water was seeping out from around the wax ring that seals the toilet to the floor. It’s not something you want to happen. But, it’s nothing a good technician can’t handle.

The next few days, however, were a different story. 

An emergency plumbing call in Ocean City, NJ

By the time Elliott came back on Sunday, the problem had gotten worse. Not only was that toilet leaking again. Now, none of the bathrooms in the house were in working order! 

It turned out the problem wasn’t just one toilet. Instead, there was a clog further down the line. 

The leak wasn’t because the wax ring had deteriorated over time. Instead, there was a major blockage in the sewer line. 

And, now it was an emergency. And, it’s one that can get ugly

Yes, this is a real headline.

Ok, the story in that link is an extreme case. But, it’s definitely a problem that needs immediate attention. 

As the water backed up, it reached that seal. Now, water weighs eight pounds per gallon. And, a few of those gallons were pushing on the wax seal – arguably the “weakest link” for any toilet. 

So, our plumber removed the toilet and confirmed the blockage. Sure enough, now it was so bad that none of the toilets worked.

Working against the clock

The timing was horrible. Since there had been no other sign of a problem a few days prior, our tech fixed the leaky toilet, and the customer was happy. 

Now, suddenly there were no working toilets – and our homeowner was expected 16 people for Easter dinner in just a few hours! 

Fortunately, she had Elliott on her side. 

While another technician made his way over with the heavy-duty equipment to clear the blockage, Elliott started cleaning the bathroom ahead of time. 

This way, there’d be less to do once the job was done. 

At that point, he could have left it for the tech who arrived. Instead, he pulled double duty, helping get all the equipment into the house and cleaning as they went. 

And, he stuck around to reinstall the toilet as soon as he could. 

Dinner is served!

Elliot’s timing was spot-on: Guests started arriving just a little while after he wrapped up and got everything cleaned. 

He and the other tech worked so efficiently that could have been our homeowner’s little secret – if she wasn’t so relieved and impressed that she had to let everyone know what a great job Elliott had done. 

There’s no good time for a problem with your toilets, but a holiday weekend ranks among the worst. If you have a plumbing emergency in Ocean City, NJ, Avalon, Marmora, Upper Township, Stone Harbor, or any town in Atlantic or Cape May counties, call Broadley’s any time, day or night!