5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning

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Ductless air conditioning and heating aren’t new, but this technology is becoming very popular. In places like Cape May, Ocean City, and many of the other Jersey Shore points, ductless air conditioning is becoming one of the HVAC solutions of choice for a few reasons.

5 Benefits Of Ductless Air Conditioning And Heating

  1. Don’t Require Ductwork – The name says it all. You don’t need ducts and a ventilation system for this kind of AC to work. This system uses small plastic tubing instead of large, invasive ductwork to carry the air throughout the system. This is great for homes that don’t have room for ductwork, additions, and homes that simply prefer to have a sleeker, less invasive system.

2. Extremely Energy Efficient (Save Money On Bills) – Ductless systems are designed to be more energy efficient than traditional AC systems. As technology evolves, we are always looking for the next best solution. Ductless systems were created with energy efficiency as a key focus. With the growing concern for the environment, reducing our carbon footprint is a must.

Not only does this system help the environment, but it also helps out your wallet! Energy bills can skyrocket in the summer, so having an air conditioning system that doesn’t suck up energy can be a key to saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

3. Zoned Cooling And Heating – This is one of our favorite features. Have you ever fought about what temperature you want the thermostat set with a family member or someone else in your home? With zoned cooling and heating, these fights can be a thing of the past! Each ductless unit controls a particular zone. This means it doesn’t HAVE to be the same temperature in every room of the house. If you prefer it at 70, but maybe you have a child who sleeps better with their room a little warmer, each unit can be set to the desired temperature!
This is also great for homes where every room isn’t used a lot. If you have a few rooms that are never in use, don’t waste money on them with air conditioning! Keep them closed off, save money, and keep the spaces in your home that you ACTUALLY USE cool!

4. Very Quiet – One of the biggest drawbacks of most AC systems is how loud they are. This may not seem like a big issue, but if you’ve ever tried to watch TV in a room with a window AC system in it, you will know what we’re talking about. Window units and traditional units usually cause a lot of noise while they are running. Ductless systems are IN your home, so they were designed to be felt, and not heard. They operate at around the same noise level as rustling leaves. FAR quieter than a normal AC system.

5. Perfect Supplement – One misconception about getting a new AC system is that it has to completely replace your old one. This is not always the case.

Sure, you can absolutely take out your old AC system and replace it with a ductless system, but if you have a system that is pretty much getting the job done, it may not have to go. Ductless units are a great way to fix a problem room that just doesn’t seem to get cool, or maybe an addition that didn’t have room for ductwork.

We have seen many homes and businesses that will simply install 1 or 2 ductless units that completely solve their comfort problems, and ease the burden on their current system.

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