Combat Seasonal Allergies With Proper AC Maintenance

Your first defense against seasonal allergies and poor indoor air quality is a clean-running air conditioner.

Itchy throat. Watery eyes. Congested sinuses. Sneezing fits that go on and on. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, relief could be as close as your air conditioner.

Central air conditioners should be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of every cooling season. In addition to keeping your system operating at peak efficiency, it can drastically cut down on the allergens that make you feel miserable.

At Broadley’s, we offer a wide array of services to keep you, and your air conditioning system, in tip top shape this spring and summer.

We’ll Check Your Coolant

When coolant is low, your AC system will not cool efficiently, which leads to higher electricity bills and can even accelerate the erosion of your equipment.

We’ll Clean and Restart Your Condenser

Usually sitting outside next to your house, the condenser’s fins can get quite dirty from dust, fallen leaves, dead grass and other debris. This reduces the unit’s cooling ability by blocking airflow. Broadley’s will make sure your unit is clean and free from any blockage.

We’ll Check the Coils and Drains for Buildup

Serious problems can arrive if these elements are not regularly checked for build-up. You will not only lose efficiency but risk the entire system freezing entirely.

We’ll Inspect Your Duct Work

One of the most effective methods for removing existing contaminants is having the air ducts in your home professionally cleaned. Homeowners should have their air ducts inspected for leaks and cleaned by a qualified HVAC professional to remove contaminants and reduce the risk of re-contamination.

We’ll Advise You on the Best Filter

It is important to change filters regularly, either as recommended, or every two months during use. Filters will help ensure that the air you breathe is free of dust, dirt and airborne allergens. Basic air filters are usually enough to protect your AC equipment. But for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, upgrading to a HEPA filter can really help clear the air. However, it’s best to consult with a reputable HVAC technician before you go filter shopping. Filters that are too dense can impact air circulation and the performance of your AC unit.

Broadley’s is your source for a wide range of products and services that help clean, filter and purify the air in your home. To ensure that your AC system gets the regular care it needs, schedule your checkup today. And be sure to ask about our preventative maintenance agreements. With Broadley’s on the job, you can breathe easy.