Usually, when we talk about sizing a mini split, we’re discussing how powerful of a system your home needs. But, there’s also the question of how the units will look once we install them.

Our homeowners are excited to get state-of-the-art heating and cooling. But, they’re often concerned about what the air handlers look like exactly, and how they will fit in the rooms.

Air handler dimensions

The average wall-mounted, indoor air handler for a ductless mini split system is 32 inches wide, one foot tall and nine inches deep.

The average ductless air handler for a mini split is 32 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and 9 inches deep. The exact dimensions vary by model and capacity.

Broadley’s HVAC and plumbing has installed systems like these in Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Upper Township, and plenty of other towns near the Jersey Shore. We know how to set up a system that stays out of sight.

First, wall-mounted are air handlers they’re placed high up on a wall. That keeps them above your sight line for the most part. Next, we follow the lines of doors and windows. This way, they don’t draw attention by breaking up the flow of the room.

We install ductless air handlers so that they don't stick out. We follow the natural lines and contours of the room and place them high on a wall so they're out of sight.

Finally, even if these air handlers are seen, they’re certainly not heard!

Even when they’re working at full capacity, ductless air handlers only produce sound up to 22 decibels. For reference, that’s the same volume as leaves rustling outside or people whispering in a library.

That’s right, these units are literally whisper-quiet! You’d need to stand right underneath one to hear it at all.

Heat pump dimensions

Next is the outdoor unit. Heat pumps vary in size depending on powerful a system you need. But, on average you’re looking at a model that’s 22 inches tall, 32 inches wide and one foot deep.

That’s smaller than your average a/c condenser. Again, we keep these mostly out of sight.

We mount the heat pumps close to the house. Near the Jersey Shore, we’re sure to put it on a platform that keeps it elevating in case of flooding.

From there, we attach the heat pump to the indoor components using narrow refrigerant lines. Then, your new system is all ready to go.

Zoned heating and cooling with a mini split

With a mini split system using air handlers and a heat pump, you can adjust the temperature in each room separately.

With a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system, you can independently control the temperature in each room of your Jersey Shore home

This is what we call zoned heating and cooling. Each handler has a thermostat. So, you can set them all to the same temperature for even climate control throughout the house.

Or, you can set each one differently. If you prefer the bedrooms cooler, for instance, you don’t have to freeze out the living room.

Are you interested in state-of-the-art heating and cooling for your Jersey Shore home? Contact us, and we’ll design a system that’s perfect for you!