If you’re considering an upgrade for your heating and cooling system, or are wondering when you should plan on investing in a replacement soon, you need to know how long you can expect your mini split to last.

In this article, we’ll go through the expected lifespans of these systems. We’ll also compare them to conventional heating and cooling and discuss how to make your system last as long as possible.

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How Long Does a Mini Split Last?

If you maintain your mini split properly, it can last you up to 20 years. That’s about the same as a gas furnace, and longer than a conventional AC – you usually get up to 15 years with those cooling systems. Meanwhile, some electric furnaces and boilers work for up to 30 years.

That said, mini splits, or ductless systems, offer advantages over those other heating and cooling systems.

For starters, they use much less energy each month. So, you spend less on your utility bills for the life of the system.

They provide better, more customized comfort: You can set the temperature in each room of your home separately. You also get better air circulation than old-fashioned ducts and vents.

There are a few more things to consider, too.

Heat Pumps and Air Handlers

First of all, let’s address the “split” part of mini split. These setups get their name because they’re modular. The outdoor heat pump isn’t permanently connected to the air handlers inside. And, each air handler is a separate unit.

What this means for this conversation is that you can replace a single component without worrying about an entire system overhaul.

In fact, you can start out with just one or two air handlers for rooms that are always too hot or too cold. Then, you can expand — although many people treat their entire house when they go ductless.

You can expect each of these units to last 15 years or more. But, if one goes, you don’t have to replace the whole setup.

Using Your System All Year Long

The next consideration is how often you use your system. On the one hand, that old oil boiler — or even a newer electric furnace — can last much longer.

But on the other, you only use those appliances during the winter.

With a ductless heat pump setup — particularly a Hyper Heat model — you don’t need different cooling and heating appliances. Your heat pump and air handler combo heats and cools your home all winter and all summer.

So, yes, it may not last as long as some heating options. But, you also have to combine the costs of your conventional heating and cooling units. Put together, that’s way more to replace than one min split — even if you don’t have to do them both at the same time.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service Extends the Life of Your Mini Split

So, how do you make sure your ductless system lasts two whole decades? The obvious answer is by taking care of it with regular heating and air conditioning service. But, what does that mean for an HVAC system?

Think of your car: You take it for regular oil changes and inspection. Well, you should do the same for your home heating and cooling setup.

We’re talking about preventative maintenance. Usually, this takes the form of an air conditioner tune up in the spring and heater tune up in the fall.

That’s when a tech comes out and inspects your system. They give it a full cleaning, handle any repair or worn-down parts, and overall make sure it’s running smoothly.

And, just like those regular oil changes put extra years on your engine, this tune up makes your HVAC system last longer.

It also offers another guarantee.

Regular AC Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty Valid

A ductless system is a big investment, but having it under factory warranty for ten years or so makes it worth it. That is, as long as you don’t void the agreement.

Check that fine print: For a warranty such as this to stay valid, you need documentation showing a certified technician performed regular maintenance on it.

The tune up meets this criterion. And, your HVAC company will keep the records on file for you. If you ever need to go back to the manufacturer, you’re covered.

So, not only does the check-in keep your system healthy, it keeps it covered longer.

Maintenance Plans for Heating and Cooling Service

A maintenance plan is an excellent idea if you’re serious about keeping your system going as long as possible.

With a plan, you’ll pay a little each month for annual coverage. Depending on the program you choose, you’ll get one or two checkups (heating and/or cooling). Plus, there’s coverage for some minor repairs, so you won’t have to go out-of-pocket.

An added convenience is that it’s automatic. Once you’re in the system, you don’t have to call every fall and spring to set an appointment. Nor do you have to think about the extra expense.

Instead, we’ll call you to set up the best time. And, since you’re paying a little each month, there’s no “extra” charge.

In fact, check those numbers again.

With Broadley’s at least, signing up for the maintenance plan, which includes the tune up, costs you less than if you paid for each service on its own.

It’s not an accounting error. It’s just better for everyone involved. You get the service you need, and we get a happy, satisfied customer year after year.

If you’re looking to make your ductless system last as long as possible, or if you’re thinking of upgrading to one of these systems, call or email us today.

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