HVAC Unit vs. Window Cooling Units

 Central AC and window units are common cooling methods, but they work in different ways. Window units generally cool rooms, whereas central HVAC units cool entire homes or businesses. While some may prefer the lower price tag and simplicity a window unit can offer, we want to discuss the reasons we believe a new central AC unit will be beneficial in the long run.

While window units are generally less expensive to operate, their efficiency is lower than that of a central AC unit. In order to cool the same amount of space that a central unit does, you would have to purchase multiple window units, which can add up. If you are cooling three or more rooms, it will benefit you in the long run to have a central unit. It will be more cost effective and energy-efficient.

Window units can be set to a certain temperature but if you have more than one unit, you need to change them all accordingly. If it gets too cold in the room with the window unit, it may still be warm in other rooms. With a central air conditioning unit, you can adjust the temperature from one thermostat for the whole home. We also offer Wi-Fi thermostats which allow you to control the temperature of individual rooms, even while away from home.

While window units can be a DIY project, they may not always be sealed perfectly which can let cold or warm air out, depending on the time of year. This can lead to a waste of energy and money. We make sure that the systems we install are working perfectly and we’ll gladly come back if you have any issues.

Lastly, humidity is another factor to consider. Central units do a much better job of controlling humidity and filtering the air for allergens and pollutants.

Age and size of home, insulation, and other factors can also play a part in what makes the best option for you. The comfort specialists at Broadley’s can assess your home and determine which central AC unit is best for you. If your only hesitation is the price, we also offer financing options. Call us today at 609-390-3907.