Hot Water All Summer With Tankless Heater in Ocean City, NJ

In this case study, we’re looking at tankless water heaters and how a new one in Ocean City, NJ, will make the summer much more enjoyable for a homeowner and his family.

Running out of hot water is a problem for any home. But, the stakes are higher than usual during the summer in a place like Ocean City, NJ. Whole families want to take showers once they get off the beach. The last person usually takes a cold one.

And, a 20-year-old water heater made things even worse for this home. It could barely keep up during the year. Once the homeowner’s extended family and friends started visiting in the summer, they always ran out of hot water.

Our homeowner wasn’t looking forward to another summer’s worth of cold showers. So, he called Broadley’s to see about getting a newer unit that could keep up.

That’s when he discovered an even better solution.

Problem: An Ocean City, NJ, home had a 20-year-old 40-gallon water heater. The homeowner has a packed house all summer, and they always run out of hot water.
Solution: Installed a Navien high-efficiency condensing tankless water heater.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater heats water as it passes through the unit. It doesn’t store hot water in a large tank like traditional units. This way, you never run out of hot water because it gets warmed up as soon as you turn on a faucet.

This feature, of course, was the main selling point for our Ocean City, NJ, homeowner.

Originally, he hoped that getting a new traditional appliance would make his cold-water problem a little better.

Now, it seemed, there was a product out there made especially for his situation!

As anyone down the shore knows, people take a lot of showers at once during the summer. Everyone wants to wash the sand and ocean off them as soon as they get back from the beach.

So, you’re talking maybe an hour or two of showers. And, if you’ve got an outside shower, too, then you can even have two people taking them at once.

All that means the heater drains quickly, and when there’s no hot water left, everyone’s left with freezing cold.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

As our homeowner learned more about the benefits of a tankless water, the more he wished he’d known about this years ago! Now, he would have a unit that:

  • Always Gives Warm Showers
  • Takes Up Less Space
  • Saves Him Money

We already talked a lot about the warm showers, so let’s check out the other features.

Takes Up Less Space

For this homeowner, another bonus of his new system was getting some much-needed floor space back in his laundry room.

Here’s the old unit:

The unit doesn’t need a huge tank to store water. So, it’s much smaller than a traditional appliance.

Instead of a big drum sitting on the floor, all you see is a panel mounted to the wall. It looks a bit like a circuit breaker.

This design also cuts down on some minor repairs. With a drum sitting on the floor holding water, there’s always the chance of rust.

Or, people and objects bumping into the controls near the floor.

With these, they’re tucked away high up on the wall where they won’t get jostled.

Like most homes near the beach, this one doesn’t have a cellar. So, appliances like these get tucked away in whatever room is available.

In this case, the water heater sat in a corner near the washing machine. Now, our homeowners can use the space around the new one for storage.

Saves Money

For this homeowner, the energy efficiency made a big difference. Not only was he happy about doing a little something for the environment. He was also helping out his wallet.

Gallon for gallon, tankless systems use much less energy — electricity, gas, oil, whatever warms the water — than older units.

The big reason is that they’re not working to keep a few dozen gallons of water warm at all times. Doing that means you’re constantly heating the drum. It’s 24/7 energy use.

Instead, you only use energy when you turn on a faucet. When the cold water gets to the unit, the system heats it on the way to you.

This also saves on water because you’re not running the faucet waiting for the water to warm up.

Every time you run the water for 30 seconds, you’re using anywhere from a half to an entire gallon of water. That adds up the more times you do it every day.

Instead, this way, it’s warm the second you turn on the tap.

Those are savings over time. Upfront, our homeowner also learned about incentives for people who install high-efficiency equipment.

With help from Broadley’s, he applied for — and received — a $300 rebate toward his installation.

Installing a Tankless Water Heater in Ocean City, NJ

It seemed like a no-brainer for this homeowner to go tankless once he learned about it. And, once he made his decision, Broadley’s got to work, making the transition as smooth as possible.

We take pride in our work and especially making sure we leave each home looking as good as when we got there.

That means tarps on the ground, plenty of cleanups, and making sure everyone is mindful of their surroundings.

And, we found a way to make the laundry room look a little better.

The piping for the old unit went up through the ceiling using an ugly black cover at the top.

Since the new unit doesn’t need that much space, we ran the more narrow pipes through the wall and covered up that old hole.

The installation was a breeze, and our homeowner barely even knew we were there!

Of course, he remembers every time he gets in the shower and doesn’t worry about suddenly getting hit with ice water.

If you’re looking to have warm water all the time for your home in Atlantic or Cape May County, call or email us here at Broadley’s to learn more.