Are you or your children leaving the nest and venturing out into the world? Whether it be the first job in a new city after college, or preparation for their first off campus house this fall, being the caretaker or a homeowner for the first time can seem overwhelming. How do I keep my appliances functioning properly? Who do I call if something breaks? Broadley’s is here to help you new homeowners get started with a few DIY tips on starting up your AC units for these hot summer months.

  1. Clean Away Dust and Debris

This is especially important for outdoor units, where they are easily affected by the elements. Use a cloth or brush to clean in between panels (make sure all parts are intact while you clean). Vacuums work well for window units. For outdoor units, power it down, and spray the coils with a hose.

  1. Make Sure the Unit Has No Air Blockage

Obstruction of air flow not only means less impact of the cool air throughout your home, but it can eventually lead to HVAC system issues. There should be about a foot or two of clear space around your unit.

  1. Open and Clear Vents

Make sure all vents are open and that there are no rugs, toys, furniture, or other items blocking the air flow.

  1. Replace Furnace Filter

This prevents buildup and blockage within the unit. It is recommended that the filter be replaced every month if you use your AC frequently.

  1. Make Sure Thermostat is on Cooling Mode

Have you switched it from heating to cooling?

  1. Test It Out

On a hot day, make sure you have gone through the previous tips and test your unit. If air does not begin flowing out and if it is not cool, give Broadley’s a call!

Remember, the best way to assure your unit is in proper working condition, is to schedule an appointment with one of Broadley’s wonderful service technicians. You can do so by calling us at (609) 390-3907 or by going to broadleys.net. The proper maintenance will help your appliances last longer and will also allow for greater efficiency. If you experience issues with your unit, it is not recommended to try and fix it yourself, as calling a professional service is your best bet. Good luck with your new place and stay cool!