Why You Should Choose A Multi-Stage HVAC System

Why You Should Choose A Multi-Stage HVAC System

Investing in a new HVAC system is a big decision, and one that you want to make sure you get right. A new HVAC system is going to affect your home comfort and energy bills for the next 10+ years. No matter what brand of HVAC system you decide to go with, we recommend choosing a multi-stage HVAC system for your home or business. 

What Is A Multi-Stage HVAC System?  

A multi-stage HVAC system means that it can produce hot or cool air at different levels. In traditional HVAC systems, you only have “on” or “off” and the system will blow air until the desired temperature is reached. With a multi-stage HVAC system, there are different speeds that air can be blown at, so that once the temperature is reached, you can maintain it with your HVAC system kicking into a lower gear. 

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Why Is A Multi-Stage System Better? 

A multi-stage HVAC system has a few benefits that a normal, single stage system doesn’t have. 

  • Better Comfort
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Less Wear And Tear

Better Comfort

Multi-Stage Systems Provide Better Comfort
Multi-Stage Systems Provide Better Comfort

The most important factor is you will have a more comfortable space with a multi-stage HVAC system. One of the problems with a single stage system is that there are ups and downs in the temperature. It turns on when it’s too hot or cold, and then when it reaches the desired temperature, it turns off. This leads to a fluctuation in temperature. 

This can also make certain spaces in your home or office more uncomfortable. When the system kicks on, if you are sitting right by one of the ducts it can get uncomfortably cold, or hot. 

With a multi-stage heating and cooling system, you don’t get those fluctuations in temperature. When your system reaches the desired temperature, it kicks into a low power mode that maintains the temperature. This eliminates that up and down temperature, and also takes some stress off your HVAC system. 

You will also have less hot and cool spots in rooms. Because it’s running on a lower gear, it won’t have those big bursts of air that can make you uncomfortable. Think of this as a far more even way of heating and cooling. 

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Increased Energy Efficiency

A multi-stage HVAC system is more energy efficient than a single stage. Both systems have a high power mode that will heat or cool your space to the desired temperature. But instead of shutting off like the single stage system, the multi-stage system uses a lower power mode to keep the space at the desired temperature.

You may be thinking, ‘the single stage system shuts off, so wouldn’t this save more energy?’. The problem is that with the single stage system, your temperature now starts to change as the power is off, and when it kicks back on to regulate it, it’s going at full speed again. In the meantime, a multi-stage system doesn’t need to use that higher power mode anymore. It’s achieved the right temperature and now is taking it easy keeping it comfortable.

Over the long run, the multi-stage heating and cooling system uses less energy, which means you also save money on energy bills. This system is better for your wallet, and more environmentally friendly. 

Less Wear And Tear

Just like we described above, the single stage system only knows how to sprint, and can go any slower than that. This constant shutting off and on, and running at only one speed is harder for a system. It’s like driving a car through the city all the time as opposed to the highway. 

A multi-stage system has smoother operations, with less energy being used. These systems are also just generally newer, better technology that lasts longer. 

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What System Should You Choose?

It’s obvious that we think you should look into a multi-stage HVAC system for your heating and cooling. We recommend talking to an expert and making sure they see the space you need to heat and cool. There are a lot of different multi-zone systems with different features. You will want to make sure you install the right one that properly fits your needs, is energy efficient, and saves you money. 

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