It’s official. Winter is here and getting out of bed in the morning has become even more difficult. The feeling of the ice-cold tile floor in the bathroom is not inviting first thing in the morning. Make your morning routines easier, save energy, and cut the cost of your utility bill with one of the best new devices on the market—a Wi-Fi Thermostat. Broadley’s is capable of installing a wide variety of Wi-Fi thermostats such as those made by Nest, Honeywell and Bryant.

Check out the Lyric Round, made by Honeywell, estimated to save 33% on your energy bill.

  • Manual or automatic setting for when you’re home, at the office or traveling
  • Notifies you when the humidity rises
  • Notifies you when your temperature is not being efficient
  • Less than 3″ in diameter
  • Adjustable by app or computer
  • Even compatible with your Apple Watch

No more getting out of bed late at night to turn the heat down because you got too hot, to only regret it by the time your alarm goes off. Cool your house while you sleep and heat it back up while you’re still hidden in the comfort of your own cozy bed. A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is controlled by any portable smart phone, tablet or computer for easy access anywhere. Some Wi-Fi thermostats can track your geo-location and monitor your distance from the house to properly adjust your heating and cooling needs. If you’re 50 miles away visiting Grandma’s house, the heater will turn down the temperature to cut down on costs. As soon as it detects you approaching the house within the next few miles, it will begin to raise the temperature back to your desired heat so that it’s your perfect comfort level as soon as you walk through the front door.

Sounds pretty great, right? Give Broadley’s a call for your no obligation assessment with one of our Comfort Advisors. We can answer any of your questions you might have on the thermostats they offer, the capability your house has to hooking up with one, and pricing. It may be your best decision all winter. Don’t wait until the temperature drops once again, give Broadley’s a call today.