Can a Wi-Fi Thermostat Help Me Save Money This Summer?

BRD Wi-Fi Thermostat. Woman adjusting thermostat in her home.

Need to combat your Linwood home’s rising energy bill?

The temperature spikes in New Jersey over the summertime, so prepare now by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Stop pushing your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment to the limit and paying high energy costs. A Wi-Fi thermostat helps you save money and keeps you comfortable every day of the year!

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How Will a Wi-Fi Thermostat Save Me Money?

Wi-Fi thermostats offer many great features, including the option to create a schedule based on your heating and cooling needs.

According to ENERGY STAR®, over $900 a year goes directly to your heating and cooling costs. Imagine being able to cut this down, all by programming a schedule on your Wi-Fi thermostat!

Will Programming My Thermostat Help Save Money?

Unlike traditional thermostats that do little for energy efficiency, Wi-Fi thermostats offer greater control.

You will be able to set and manage the temperature of your Linwood home on different days or times of the week—and you won’t even need to be inside your home to do so! Wi-Fi thermostats connect to the internet, giving you remote control access to adjust the temperature as you see fit.

Forgot to adjust the temperature before you left the house for work? Or is the weather supposed to get warmer later in the day, and you don’t want your system to work harder when you’re not even home? Not a problem! Change the temperature from wherever you are.

Programming a schedule on your Wi-Fi thermostat, whether home or away, is an excellent way to start saving money. Instead of needing to remember to set your thermostat higher or lower on a certain day or at a specific time, all you need to do is set your schedule on your Wi-Fi thermostat beforehand and it will take care of the rest.

Program the temperature on your Wi-Fi thermostat higher when you know you will be at work or taking care of other obligations outside your home. Set your schedule to drop to anywhere between 60 and 67 degrees during the night so you can relax and enjoy your sleep.

What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat to During the Summer?

During the summer, you should keep your thermostat between 72 and 78 degrees for ideal comfort and as a strategy to stabilize your heating and cooling expenses. ENERGY STAR recommends keeping it at 78 degrees, but you can set the temperature on your Wi-Fi thermostat lower if you know you will be home and want your home cooler.

Interested in how you can reduce energy use even more? Wi-Fi thermostats provide you with energy reports and recommendations. Track the days and times where your HVAC system works the hardest and make changes where you can, so you can start saving more money on your heating and cooling expenses.

Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat Today

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