Replacing An Old AC System In Ocean City, NJ

Replacing An Old AC System In Ocean City, NJ.

In Ocean City, NJ, we see all different types of homes, and also lots of different HVAC solutions to keep the place warm or cool. In this particular home that’s located at the north end of Ocean City, they had a “through wall” AC installed. They were sick of all the noise, the uneven cooling, and the high electric bills in the summer, and decided it was time to upgrade their cooling system. 

We’ve seen lots of these situations. Normally the AC is located in the window, where it can be taken out and installed seasonally as needed. There are lots of homes at the Jersey Shore that have the window AC installed in a wall instead. The homeowner cuts a piece of the wall out, and permanently installs the window AC in there. 

This is an old-timey solution, and one that actually hurts the comfort of the home during the winter. They decided to give Broadley’s a call, and see what our solution would be to replace the “through-wall” AC unit. 

Ductless Mini Splits From Broadley’s

Installing A Ductless Mini Split

A Ductless Mini Split Will Replace A Through Wall AC Perfectly!

After looking at a few different solutions to the problem, they decided to go with a ductless mini split system. All they needed was one zone, so it was a pretty easy and quick installation. They already had a well functioning boiler system to heat the home, so this mini split is really just needed to cool the space. 

Mini splits also have the ability to heat though, so if they need a little heat in the milder times of year, this system would be more efficient to use than turning on the boiler. 

We removed the window AC unit from the wall, and patched it all up. Once the wall was good to go, we put in the ductless mini split. This system consists of a condenser unit outside, a mini split (cassette or head) inside, and a bit of tubing that connects the 2. As is made evident in the name, this unit requires no ductwork, and will be a perfect cooling solution for this single family home. 

Ductless Mini Splits VS. Window AC Units

Drawbacks Of Window AC Units

We see a lot of homes in our area using window units. We get it. They are cheap to install, and they get the job mostly done. But, they come with a few issues as well. 

Too Noisy

These systems are simply too noisy. If you’ve ever used one, you know the sound it makes when it’s running. It’s constant and annoying. If you use it in a living room, you are going to have to turn the TV up. In a bedroom, you better hope you can sleep through it. Almost every other cooling system you can choose is quieter and more out of the way than a window or through wall AC unit. The ductless mini split this homeowner installed is FAR less noisy, reaching the level of a whisper at the noisiest moment. 

Poor Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a point of emphasis today, as it helps you lower your energy bills, and also helps the environment by lowering your energy consumption. Window AC units aren’t the worst for your energy consumption, but they are certainly less efficient than the ductless mini split these homeowners installed. 

Takes Up Space 

In this case, the window AC unit was built into the wall. This isn’t as bad as when it takes up a window, but still… not ideal. These systems can be cumbersome and not aesthetically pleasing. They drip water outside wherever they are placed, and when they take up a window, it reduces the sunlight in your home, and can even become a security risk. 

Why Choose A Ductless Mini Split? 

A Ductless Mini Split Connects To An Outside Condenser Through Small Tubing!

After considering the options, the homeowners went with a ductless mini split. For one, they don’t have to replace their heating system. Ductless mini splits are a perfect supplement to a current HVAC system. They also  didn’t need to install any ductwork, making the job quick and easy. We were able to install the new mini split in 4-5 hours. 

They were also excited about lower energy bills, quieter operation, and more even cooling. With the wall AC, there was a particular spot that was always too cold, right in front of the system. Now, the mini split distributes air evenly and more precisely. 

Finally, the new ductless mini split qualified for a $500 rebate. Energy efficient HVAC equipment usually qualifies for some sort of rebate or discount, in an effort to encourage homeowners to install new, more efficient systems. 

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Installing A Ductless Mini Split In Ocean City, NJ

We are happy that this project went so smoothly, and that the customer is now cool without the nuisance of a loud, energy sucking window AC unit. If you have a problem room, or simply want to upgrade your air conditioning, consider a ductless mini split. The experts at Broadley’s can take a look at your situation, and give you the proper options to solve your HVAC problem. Give us a call at (609) 390-3907, or visit us online!