The cold weather is coming in Avalon, NJ. So, why are we talking about air conditioner service after Labor Day? Well, even though you won’t be using the AC for a while, getting it winterized is a great way to be sure it’s ready when Memorial Day Weekend rolls around! 

In this article, we’ll explain why getting your AC ready for the cold season is an essential part of your HVAC maintenance. Then, we’ll break down exactly what we do when we come by.

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What Are the Benefits of Winterizing My Central Air Conditioner?

Taking the time to winterize your central air conditioner reduces the chance that you’ll need to call for AC repair. While your outdoor unit can handle rain and the worst weather the summer can throw at it, you run the risk of damage once you get into freezing cold and not using it for a while. 

Extreme temperatures plus snow and ice can cause a lot of wear and tear. Even lawn clippings and trash can be a problem: As organic matter breaks down, bacteria and other contaminants can form and get sucked through the system when you turn it back on. Or, garbage will build up and clog something or prevent proper exhaust. 

Finally, small animals can nest in your system! The last thing you want is to find a litter of mice, squirrel, bird’s nest or other wildlife under your fan blades. 

Birds Nesting In An Air Conditioner In Avalon, NJ

Fortunately, you can take most of the steps to winterize your AC on your own. Of course, we recommend calling a professional. For one thing, we can handle a few things you may not be able to do. And, you can bundle this with other important fall services like a heater tune-up or winterizing a shore house. 

We’ll touch on those a little later. But first … 

Five Ways To Winterize Your Central Air Conditioner

Here are the steps you should take to get your AC ready for winter:

  1. Clean Around the Outdoor Unit
  2. Cover The Unit
  3. Turn Off the Electric Supply
  4. Insulate The Piping
  5. Inspect The Unit Periodically

The first two here are pretty simple. You just need to make sure there’s nothing in between the unit and your house. While you’re there, also look inside it. If you notice any trash or signs or animals, clear them out or call a pro if you can’t get them without taking things apart. 

Next, invest in a cover for your condenser! They cost a few bucks, but they’re pretty cheap and way less expensive than calling for repairs next year. 

Now, the next two may require AC service. You should find a box on the side of the condenser outside. That houses the electronics. Cutting the power should be as easy as flipping a switch.  

Then, you should insulate all wires and piping that lead from the unit to your house. Specifically, use rubber pipe insulation and some foam. But, we can’t stress enough: be very careful handling these two items, or just call a certified HVAC contractor. 

The last step is merely keeping an eye on things! Clear the top and sides of the unit when it snows. Make sure trash, leaves, branches, and other debris doesn’t build up during the winter. And, call someone right away if it looks like any critters have made a home in or around the unit. 

Winterizing Your Shore Home

A related topic here is winterizing a shore home or summer house that you won’t use for months at a time. It’s something that requires a professional and is well worth the money. 

We go into this in much more detail here. But, it boils down to making sure there’s no water in any pipes or appliances. That way, there’s nothing that can freeze and cause a pipe to burst. 

We also handle some other small items around the house so you can be sure it’s in good shape when you come back in the spring. 

Heater Tune-Ups

Finally, there’s preventative maintenance — which amounts to a heater tune-up in the fall. That’s when you have a certified technician inspect, clean, and optimize your heater for the winter ahead. 

We’ve got a blog on that too — you can find it here — and it explains how this process saves you money, keeps you comfortable, and prevents your heating and cooling system from breaking down

The bottom line is: If you’re thinking about your year-round house, then a heater tune-up and winterizing your AC is the way to go in the fall. If it’s a vacation home, prepare the AC and call for whole-home winterization. 

Air Conditioner Service Near Avalon, NJ

If we were to sum up everything in this article with a cliche, it’d be “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Scheduling air conditioner service and preventative maintenance for your home in Avalon, NJ during autumn is the best way to avoid costly breakdowns in the winter and summer. 

Odds are if you add up the amount you’d spend on all the items here, they’d probably still be less than one bad break when your heating and cooling system is working its hardest. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do yourself — but for the rest, call a company like Broadley’s, who has served your community for decades.